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Originally Posted by 2Rodies
The comparisons between athletes of different era's is really pointless and at the same time human nature. We can't compare the Gale Sayers of his era to Barry Sanders of his because ALL the players of Barry's era were bigger faster and stronger.
This is a great example. When Sayers played in the NFL, players of that era had to have off-season jobs to pay the bills. They went to training camp to get in shape, played 12-14 games, maybe two playoff games.
Now, the money is such that players play in the NFL for their vocation. They go to post-season camps, mini-camps, work out all year long, attend training sessions prior to training camp, and training camp is a formality for putting in the schemes they will use during the season. If you do not come to camp in shape, you are out of a job. Four pre-season games, 16 regular season games in a 17 week season, and typically three playoff games for teams that go to the Super Bowl, four if a wild card team gets all the way to the title game. The season used to end in December. Now it ends in February.
If you can find a copy, go back and read Jerry Kramer's book, "Instant Replay" for a look at Sayer's era.

The main reason bike racers used to race as much as they did, is because they had to.
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