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Originally Posted by waterrockets View Post
I'm going to embark on a 6-week weight loss cycle starting next week. For a given ride, is there an accepted power threshold for fat burning? It seems like all the active recovery, endurance, and maybe the bottom of tempo zones would be fueled by fat.

So, it seems like a spreadsheet could be used to look at a power file from a ride and integrate over the power distribution to come up with a calories from fat estimate. For a given power level, take it's % of time from the ride and figure how many kJ were burned up at that level, and so on...

Has anyone done this, or is there an easier way to do it?
I would say:
Below LT (95% FTP? or is it the other way around??) figure 200 Cal/hr from fat - rest carbohydrates.
Above LT, all carbohydrates.

This should get you in the ball park. If you bonk, adjust slightly and keep trying. If you never bonk, try 225/hr from fat.

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