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Spinning. Am I doing it right?

From what I've read. Spinning is just keeping your rpms up around 90+ for a prolonged time. Some people seem to have trouble doing this. Is it weird to just fall naturally into this? I started out just riding at what felt comfortable, 75 - 80 rpm. I've been going for about a month now, and I'm up to 95 -100 rpm. Extended periods at 105 - 110 are reasonable, and sprints at 120+ can be done for a few minutes at least.

I walk a lot for my job,and have strong legs(at least I thought I did before I started riding). I turned 30 this year, and decided to turn my life around. I was a mess last winter, saw that big three-oh coming up, and finally said I'd had enough. I think I must have been close to 400 pounds(no scale then, too afraid of what I might see on it), I'm down to 330 now and have lost 6 inches from my waist(and almost everywhere else).

I picked up a stationary recumbent last month to pick up my activity level another notch. Before now I'd been relying on dieting, and the natural boost that spring and summer give me. Now, I can't wait to get a real bike, but the work situation isn't looking too good right now, and I'm trying to save every penny I can, just in case.

So, yeah, guess I got off track there. Has anyone else just fallen into the faster speeds? Does my riding a stationary have anything to do with it? That fact that it's a recumbent?

I can keep up the cadence on medium resistance(4/8 on the dial)for about 20 minutes before I get wiped and my knee starts to twinge. However, I feel like I can ride forever at light resistance(2/8 on the dial), my longest ride has been an hour @ ~95 rpm(bumped that to 105 - 110 for the last five minutes, and to 120 for an extra two). I had to stop more due to time constraints than any appreciable tiredness(that sprint had me breathing hard, but I could have recovered). My knee was a little stiff the next day, but I had done a couple of higher resistance runs (nice term for cycling, that) earlier that day. I've taken up stretching and it hasn't been bugging me since.
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