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The exercise bike does have a speedometer, it's set to mph, but that setting is based on the rpm. So its simple to figure the rpm, I just need to multiply the mph by 4.5 to get my rpm. I've tested this at speeds ranging from 10mph(45rpm) to 30mph(135rpm), and it always lines up.

The display has three modes. I don't count the calorie mode because there's no way to adjust it for body size, or ride intensity. So, striking that one out, there's Time, Speed And Distance. I use Speed to keep myself on target, and Distance to map out my average cadence for the ride(again, just a bit of math). The only thing I really want is a heart rate monitor. That and a real bike, maybe after my next paycheck.

Oh and Creaky, I don't know if you've been to the california desert much in the summer, but that's the time you really want to stay inside. Our seasons are a bit reversed here. The 50 degree winters aren't a problem, it's the 100+ degree summers you gotta watch out for. Right now it's in the 90's with high humidity, this is a nice day for the end of summer.
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