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I've had a couple emails with him/her/them... read below-

--- wrote:

Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2004 19:00:11 -0800
Subject: Question for item #4055051055 - NEW 2004 Bianchi USA Inc.EV3 Al/Carbon Chorus Road Bike

Question about your item

Dear secom-cycle1225,

I want this bike! Please, I need it in size 68cm.

Just as an aside... this bike isn't made in this frame size

His response-


We are overstock in 2004 bike models and because the 2005 models appeard, we took the decision to sell these bikes more cheaper. THERE IS STOCK LIMIT !!!

The bike is in perfect condition, new, no problems or scratches on it. It will come in original box with all the papers, manuals and manufacture warranty documents .We have 68cm size available on stock right now.

The buy it now price for the bike is US$2,300.00. In this price the shipment costs are included too. You don't have to bid on the auction. We will end the auction early after payment is received and in maximum 24 hours, shipment will start and we will provide you the tracking number of shipment.

We will ship the bike using FedEx or UPS and in 5 work days the bike will be at your door.We will support shipment insurance. The bike will be packed professionally at our store.We will ship the bike with the option AS A GIFT and you will not pay any extra taxes.

After some complaints regarding Paypal (please visit we will not accept this method anymore.

We had many problems in past with stolen identity using credit card payment and we took the decision not to use direct credit card payment.

We have 2 ways for payment: one via bank wire and is available for UK and international customers and the other one is via cash transfer. Bank wire can take few days the money to be confirmed in our bank account and that's why he have the seccond payment option which is easy and fast. It will take only few minutes the payment to be confirmed to us after you will send.

Please choose one payment method and we will give you instructions.

After payment is confirmed in our bank account, it will take maximum 24 hours your order to be processed and shipment to be started. We will give you also the tracking number for shipment to track your bike.

We will give you 3 days of inspection of the bike. In case that you will not be satisfied with it, you will return the bike to us and we will fully return your money back. We will support all the costs.

Waiting your email,

Secom Cycle Shop
address: 6 Sydney Street, London, UK, SW36PU
toll free number: 888-245-0964

My response to this email...


Ok, yes, yes... I like this deal very much! I want to
add another question my friend. Besides the bike I
want to buy I would like to buy one for a very sick
and ill friend who has not long to live. It is their
dream to get to ride a high quality bicycle before
they depart the earth and this life. I want to
provide them with this 'dream-come-true' before they
go to heaven.

If I were to purchase this 'dream-bike' from you could
you promise me that you give them a great deal, a
great bike and delivery as soon as possible as their
medical condition is getting worse each and everyday.
They need the bicycle very soon or it will be too late
for them.

They would need a Trek 520 in size 72cm... they are
quite tall. Can you -PLEASE- make this wish & dream
come true?? I beg you.

Please let me know-as soon as possible- the details so
that I can purchase both bicycles immediately. I am
ready to buy both bicycles right now. You are truly,
truly a great person if you can make this wish come
true for this very sick and very wonderful friend.

Thank you in advance-


A crock of BS to pull at their heartstrings as well as a size that the Trek 520 has never and will never be available in... or for that matter ANY bike.

Their response...


We will give the Trek 520 for US$300 for your friend.

First you have to buy your bike and after the deal is finish with your bike we will ship the Trek 520 bike to your friend.

You can arrange payment in cash transfer because if you will use the bank transfer option it will take more than 7 days the money to be confirmed in our account. This delay is because we have to sort payments in our bank account and after that the orders will be processed. Cash transfer will take maximum 2 hours the order to be processed. You can use Western Union service because it is a fast and easy service for cash transfer. We receive payment in few minutes this way. You will have to go with payment cash at a Western Union office and send it to our agent. In 24 hours after you will make payment, we will ship the bike and we will give you the tracking number.

Please email us before going to Western Union and we will give you our agent full name and address here in London where you have to send payment. After you will send payment, you will email us the details from the receipt, and our agent will go to Western Union office to collect payment. After that we will process your order.

The Western Union fee is around 8% of the amount. We will pay the shipment costs and the shipment insurance costs and we hope that you will support the Western Union fee.

Waiting your email,

Secom Cycle Shop
address: 6 Sydney Street, London, UK, SW36PU
toll free number: 888-245-0964

Nice folks!
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