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Not a lot to explain, I'm riding a lot and running a couple times a week. I have cut out beer and am trying to eat something like a bowl of Cheerios w/ skim milk or yogourt for breakfast, sensible lunch, Cliff bar or Hammer bar about an hour before I ride then, depending on my ride I'm eating 1 or 2 Hammer bars over the 2 hour ride. Dinner is usually very lite. I'm supplementing with ON Whey in the morning, directly after my ride and sometimes, depending on how hard I rode, a second Whey shake later in the evening. I'm snacking on rice cakes (the apple cinnamon rocks!).

That's pretty much been my routine as of late.

I feel like I need to better understanding "good carbs" so I have better energy throughout the day and on rides. However, I intend to lose about 5 pounds a month. That is the goal I am going to continue working towards for the next 3 months.
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