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Good full squish rig for 'do it all' MTB'ing

Well, I'm thinking new MTB, I haven't bought one in a long time and don't really know what's on the market right now.

I have a long history of XC MTB'ing, raced NORBA through the 90's and into the 2000's (Expert class) before getting into other things (rock climbing, ww kayaking, road biking [I know, I know, I know...], etc.). Moved back to Colorado after years in the MW and really want to take advantage of the singletrack again, but I need a bike to do it.

I've always been more of a XC type rider, was big into huge, 60 mile backcountry singletrack trips back in tha day. I'm a bit less hardcore now, looking for some solid 30+ mile days, with an emphasis on singletrack.

Thing is, I love the down, and I'm willing to sacrifice a bit of weight to enjoy it, so I'm looking full squish and not hardtail. I also don't want a XC specific full squish, per se.

I'd like something a bit lighter, but still something that can dance over rock gardens like a magic pillow-ride. Will probably be hitting up some of the ski areas for good up-down rides.

Basically I want a good, all around bike (I know it's a misnomer...jack of all, master of none, right?). Just something that I can have fun with no matter what. Definitely not looking for a free-ride type bike for huge drops and jumps, but like I said I want something a bit more than JUST a XC hardtail.

Cost is, of course, always an issue. Don't hold back on posting super bling frames, but if you can keep cost conscious I would appreciate it. I won't be dropping $5K on a frame.

Fork recommendations would be awesome, too.

I know my componentry, so don't need help there, just recommendations on frame and fork.

Thanks guys.

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