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Budget is $3K, but cheaper is always better Weight: If I can get it to 25 lbs. I'd be stoked. I'm so spoiled by light road bikes that anything over 20 lbs. feels heavy, to be honest. I have a Trek hardtail from like 2001, and it weighs around 22 lbs. and feels like riding a motorcycle to me.

I'm not in need of 8" or anything. I see bikes with 4.5" and that sounds like a crapload to me. I would be happy putting 4.5 - 5 as my range of needs, but that's only because it seems like the norm on bikes these days. Really over 4" is a freakin' miracle.

For reference, the last full squish bike I owned (promise not to make fun of me) was a Pro-Flex 957 back in the late '90s. I think it got 2.5", but felt pretty spongy to me.

I'm not a freerider, like I said. I'm more into billygoating up and down.

XC to me in Colorado is rides like Melee in the Mines in T-ride or a 25 mile loop in C-Springs that includes the Chutes, Bradbury's and Captain Jacks.

Thanks for entertaining me, though...I know it's pretty tough to diagnose online.

But, just to give you my perspective, so far the Rocky Mountain Element Team and the Banchee Pyre have caught my eye. The Rocky Mountain no one has recommended, but I spied it in a shop and it looked like an awesome all day rider.
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