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I'm pretty mad.

It's a good thing that I was overweight once before. It's so much easier to see not only the flaws I've made in dieting and food choice, but the flaws that others continually show.

Yesterday, a friend of mine invited me to a networking event. I like these, since it gives me a chance to sharpen my conversation skills (and, well, meet people). Too bad that it smelled and sounded pretty much like your typical multi-level marketing scheme (MLM); they even referenced it in their presentation!

FTR, it was YOR Health ( Sounds like scam bait to me.

What upset me even MORE was that what this group was trying to pitch this time around was health products! Between all of the fluff about how rich one could get, they seemed to pitch all sorts of juices and shakes that could be used to 'live a healthy lifestyle.'

This made me think a bit (after ditching the presentation, of course). The food pyramid is so simple and old, but for the most part pretty much sums up how one should be eating! Coupled with an active lifestyle, going by the food pyramid and eating balanced meals works! The fact that I've been able to hold my weight at 155 lbs and look lean (not stringy or 'thin') testifies this (at least for me). Harvard even updated the pyramid to account for new research on food groups and incorporate exercise and living habits!

People look at me weird sometimes for boxing up three small serving trays for lunch every day. I think it's a really balanced lunch: one of them has greens and vegetables, the other has a type of grain (usually pasta or rice; I think they switched to whole grain pasta now!), and another has tuna or chicken, mixed with a bit of dressing (fat) and cheese (dairy). It tastes pretty good, is really simple...and doesn't contain any hidden surprises. (Possibly with the exception of oil in the pasta...but nowadays I make my own pasta to offset this). Compared to the cheeseburger and fries crowd, or those that aim for a 'tasty' (i.e. possibly unbalanced) lunch, it must be pretty weird.

Must also be weird that I'm also part of the minority of NON overweight/obese people at my company. Then again, I'm pretty sure that the average age of the employees at my work is around 35 or so, so a lot older than I am...but it's not like you automatically get fat after 23!

Then there's the MAJORITY who believe fervently in the religion of skipping the most wonderful meal of the day...but that's another rant.

Sorry for the rant; I've just been thinking a bit lately.
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