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Originally Posted by strange agent View Post
is there a different philosophy when choosing the size of mixte frame to ride?
My Fuji has about a 20 inch seat tube, and started out from the factory with drop barsÖ Iím 6 feet tall, and I found with the drop bars I felt like I was stretched out way too far, but Iíve had some lower back problems, (two surgeries) and that may have a lot to do with it. I changed out the drops for a set of wide uprights, they make a good place to mount my emergency tire pump, and really like the seating position I have nowÖ Iím not completely upright; but not bent over either.

I think it is so much just a matter of personal choice, that itís almost impossible, to come up with an absolute measurement set for fitting even a standard diamond frame bike, let alone a Mixte. One just has to experiment a bit, I believe.

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