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i miss being able to use my roof racks. since i'm not spending another $2-300 for feet and pads on a $500 car.

i will be putting my Thule racks on my "new" car (1970 Jaguar) when i get it running. it'll be the third car the racks have been on over a 15-year period. they have over 150k miles!

can't beat a roof rack for security or stability (assuming you're using the "right" type of mount for your bike).

or bike damage if you forget they're there.

i use a fork mount bolted down in the back of my current car (1990 Civic Wagon) to carry my bike(s) now.

two things i like about roof racks are the easy expansion of capacity (by adding rails - it was nice to be able to put four bikes on top and all go in one car) and the multipurpose nature (needed to get lumber in my XJ6? no problem).

but one solution isn't best for all people. or priced for all people. i've probably got over $1k in my racks at this point. which is a lot! but once again, 15 years/3 cars/150k+ miles.
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