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Campy cassette skipping

I have a problem with my Campy 10 speed cassette skipping in the 11 tooth cog. The bike is a Colnago Dream. It is full Campy Centaur 10 speed The cranks are 50 X 14 compact. The cassette is a 11 X 23. The chain ( Campy) only skips in the 50 X 11 combination. I and the local pro bike shop can find nothing wrong. The hanger has been checked and is straight. The 11 tooth cog is rarely used and looks like new. The chain has been measured and is like new. The derailleur is adjusted to give as much wrap as possible. The wheels are also Campy. I put on a rear wheel and Cassette off another of my bikes and tried it. Same thing. This wheel was a Race X Lite with a 11 X 23 Record Cassette. I have heard of others that have had this problem and were unable to resolve it. I would not mind going to a 12 X 25 cassette, but can't believe the 11 won't work. My Record equipped Litespeed works great with the 11 X 23. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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