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Charlene, I know your pain. I RIDE in our rain all winter....

While hosing it down with a bucket of WD40 may stop the corrosion it's a superbly messy way to do the job. Instead use some car wax on the frame and any silver anodized parts to protect them other than the brake tracks on the rims. Oil the chain with a thicker than normal lube. A small can of motorcycle lube like PJ1 would work excellently or the grease style Silkolene, also a motorcycle chain lube. These both dry to a reasonably thick grease that will greatly resist washing away due to condensation effects.

Other than that a tune up in the spring that involves a wheel hub and steering head clean and re-grease and your bike won't mind being on the porch all that much after all. While it's not an ideal place to keep it with a bit of prep before "putting it to bed" it should do fine.
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