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Okay friends...thanks for all the input and comments about my recent issues regarding my brakes.

I'm 95% sure that I have found the root of the problem and it was never the fault of my Juicy 5's.

When I called SRAM today to try to get some tiny inkling of an idea as to why my Avids are so jacked always came back to "it sounds like an alignment issue". I asked the guy "How hard could it be?" He said I should take it to a dealer and have them look at it. I wasn't buying that a dealer was going to align them better than me. They were perfect. However...the symptom did make all the sense in the world when thinking about alignment issues.

So...I re-installed my rear CODE and grabbed the lever firmly. With it in a low gear, I put some pressure on the crankset and rocked the bike forward firmly. I looked back at the rear caliper and saw the issue.

The left seat stay is bending and twisting torsionally causing the caliper to be out of alignment under moderate to hard braking. I can actually see the caliper rocking forward and twisting inward very slightly but enough to throw stuff off at least a millimeter or so. Now I can sleep at night.

I just don't know what the crap to do now. I called Jensonusa and they told me to talk to the warranty guy in the morning. If I'm lucky, they'll junk it out and send me a new Komodo with the beefier rear triangle. If I were luckier, Transition Bikes would read this thread and take pity on me...send me a leftover Vagrant, haha.

Now I feel bad about having Avid send me new Codes. That doesn't explain away the feeling that I got with the Juicy5's on the front that is now gone since putting these on though, so maybe it was a combination of issues.

I kinda wonder if there's a hairline on there somewhere and it just showed up all the sudden one day when I was riding with B2B at Clinton. That's when I first noticed it and it's never been right since that day.

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