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I have used Greyhound many times, when the need arose, but use caution. They want it in the bike box but two things. If you have to change buses, most places will NOT guarantee the bike can be taken on the transfer bus and they will lay the box on its side and throw as many boxes, bags and crap on top of it unless the bus is almost totally empty and the drive is approachable. THey get so many peole with so many complaints that they fail to understand, (a) just what amount of money you have invested in the bike itself, (b) it is your vehicle for the next three months.

Sometime the trains are just as bad but I have had better luck with Amtrak, it's their schedules they cant keep is the big problem and the Nazi car stewards. At small staions, I have disassmbled and boxed my recumbent and give much consideration from the train folks and even a gentle hand when they loaded it, never had damage. The big stations(Amtrak in Chicago) the baggage folks down in the basement where you have to pcik up your bike or send it off are super and went out of their way tis past summer to insure my budy and myself had our bikes ttrated well.

I think sometimes, it would be less hassle and more piece of mind to ship your bike ahead by UPS, Fedex or one of those guys and have it waiting when you arrive at you start point and not try to save 50$ dragging it with you on a bus or train. You can also insure for replacement cost with these people and you are limited on what greyhound and amtrak will assume lose and liability for(I think (250) fro thebuse line.

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