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Originally Posted by Amani576 View Post
I'm curious about whether Weinmann 750 centerpulls are short pull, or long pull, or if it really matters at all.
Edit: After looking at it, it would be GREAT if it was long pull because that's the only one that they have black and silver available for.
Sorry- all Weinmann centerpull brakes use the old "standard" pull levers, aka "short" cable pull. "Long" pull levers are meant to work with MTB "V" brakes or disk brakes.

(BTW: I think the black/silver in the description means the hood is black and the lever is silver.)

In theory, you could use long pull levers with your centerpull calipers, but this will result in lower leverage and thus less power at the brake pad. Centerpull brakes are generally weaker to begin with, so you'll be making weak system weaker.
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