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Originally Posted by Charlene View Post
Thanks BC Rider! I will pick up those items and do a little winterizing soon. I never thought of car wax, but it makes loads of sense. I guess in the spring I just wipe off and clean off the grease on the chain and lube it with our usual bike lube, right?....
I actually used to run my chains with the greasy motorcycle lube and it works well as a lube. But it's so sticky that it made mid winter cleaning so messy that I switched to a thicker oil that is way less sticky and resistant to the solvent I use for chain cleaning.

I'd say in the spring put a little oil on, backpedal a dozen times to mix it and wipe off the excess with a paper towel and then ride it until it needs a cleaning. Sitting on the balcony won't get any dirt and grit sticking to it so there's no real need to clean it assuming you cleaned it before putting the motorcycle lube on it.

The post above by LastPlace to take it apart isn't a bad idea at all if you have some room to put the parts away. If haven't already done that with the other bikes can you store the frame and wheels in a closet or behind a couch? Inside wins over outside any time. Regardless of how well you encase it in oils and unguents it'll suffer to SOME extent from being outside compared to inside.
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