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Power Training Help

While this isn't strictly racing, I want to improve my racing potential by improving my power and this is where most of you expert power guys seam to hang out. I have been trying to register with

but they won't accept my registration and I can't post? (If anyone can help me over there I'd appreciate it - same screen name).

Anyway, here is my old power curve from late May just before I broke my collarbone and was out for 8 weeks. (the 26 watt/kg 1 sec is wrong, bad data was corrected).

Now, here is my current power curve:

So, in summary (with two months off for injury in between):

5s ___10.0____ 11.8
1 min _5.4 _____7.7
5 min _4.2_____ 4.4
FT ____________3.6

Is this improvement good, fair, bad? What kind of training should I focus on going into fall/winter? What can I do to improve my abysmal sprint power? Any other feedback/suggestions would be appreciated.

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