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Sounds like a good plan. I do my intervals out on the road. Gives me an objective such as light poles etc...

There are a lot of resources about the structure of interals. I do them kinda off the hip. I push until I'm about to puke then recover until my legs fell normal again and repeat. If you want to improve on the climbs then your intervals ned to be on hills as much as possible.

Done right intervals really tax the body so adequate recovery is essential. I will do one interval day per week max. I do mixed training so the other training days will encompass high cadence spinning, lactate threshold, tempo, and I like to do isolated leg work as well.

In order to guage progress find a longish hill in your area that may take 5 minutes to climb and do a mini time trial up it once every month or so. If you don't have a hill that long then a road with a series of hills will be a good alternative as long as there is significant climbing. If you live close to mountains then there is where you need to be.
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