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Hey, keep it on topic or you will be censored.

Originally Posted by kukusz View Post
I believe it is primarily a mental thing. Makes CS wonder when/if he is going to be attacked, etc. When I pull ahead of people on climbs (rarely) it invigorates me. When people are right on my wheel it is demoralizing.
I can kind of see that, although since Sastre is know as Mr. Calm, hard to imagine that this would be that effective. I mean, so what if Levi attacks? CS is already maxed out, he knows he can't do anything about it. In fact, LL did later attack, and scooted off to stay in podium contention once it was clear that Sastre wasn't going to get back in the race. I guess that in itself could be an attempt to demoralize him, "hey look, here I am dropping you again!"
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