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Originally Posted by Enthalpic View Post
Is it really your coworker’s food preferences and assumed activity level that is bothering you? More than likely it is their appearance -and your stereotypes that you associate with that appearance- that is bothering you. At the very least you have a judgmental and self-righteous attitude towards those you deem less fit than yourself.

I wonder if visible differences have ever lead segregation and discrimination. Could trivial differences actually escalate into feelings of anger and hatred, even violence?

Heck now “I’m pretty mad” too, let’s go mock some disgusting fatties!
I won't disagree; I'm pretty judgmental when it comes to this. When I do start to make judgments, I always think of the exceptions: What if that person medically cannot lose that weight? What if there were or are circumstances that force the person to be that way?

However, I was in that 'majority' myself (I don't agree with the notion that obese people are the majority, though I think there is a growing obesity trend at hand). I was very much overweight, but pretty much for the reasons that I've listed. I was pretty sedentary (compared to how I am now) and ate without minding much conscience to my health. On the other hand, I was young and was never in a family that was conscious about that (now we are). Most of the people I knew that were also overweight or obese were so because they led the same lifestyle that I did; eat lots (of bad food), but do little to work it off. It couldn't have been a trend just in my social circle, when this lifestyle is televised, publicized and, by some, criticized. Furthermore, all of the people I knew that were leaner and at least looked fitter seemed to exercise and keep active (though there are the people that can eat anything and remain skinny, but not lean). Their eating habits might be suspect, but I definitely knew that they weren't professional couch potatoes. There must be some correlation, right?

So then is it my assumptions that base my anger or the reality that I've seen (and you may have not)? I'm more than happy to talk about the little I know about nutrition or maximizing one's health with others that are interested, regardless of what you look like. I will, however, still be upset about the fact that a life of convenience, stress and laziness in regard to one's health is what continually fuels a multi-billion dollar 'health and wellness' market that wouldn't exist (or be nearly as large) with a little bit of moderation.
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