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Originally Posted by Creakyknees View Post
+1 that Levi sat on primarily b/c there's nothing to gain by attacking Sastre, and he might end up pulling Sastre closer to Contador.

Maybe there's a mental angle, but I doubt it matters at the pro level. Me personally, I might go a bit harder to try and drop the guy, which could result in success, or in me blowing up. A good pro like Sastre knows to just ride his tempo.
yeah, but in this case, LL actually was up the road a bit and Velonews describes him "waiting" for Sastre to come up to him, that's the part I don't get. Maybe there actually was no strategery, LL was just recovering from his earlier burst and caught on to CS as he went by. Sometimes the simplest explanation is best...

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to watch the stage in real time, just a few short clips and the write-up in Velonews.
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