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The answers to your question are extremely broad.

1. Good improvement? Any type of improvement is good and indicates you can expect to see continuing improvement with a solid training plan.

2. Training going into the winter: We hashed this out in another thread quite extensively, I thought. Winter time is the aerobic base training period. It's the period to build the foundation upon which your racing season is built on. However you intend to build your aerobic base (ride lots, SST, trainer intervals, whatever) this is the time to do it. If you have weight to lose that will improve your competitiveness without loss of power (in w/kg), this is also the time to do it. This is a delicate balance in weight/power as you may see a "raw number" decrease in power but an increase in w/kg. On the other hand, when I was at my lightest racing weight and really at peak, my w/kg were almost .3 w/kg less than they are now, but I'm actually 7 lbs heavier. I also fatigue less and my health remains a little more constant now. It has given me raw # top end speed which I hope to take advantage of in a more TT centric schedule next year.

3. Sprint: I'm least qualified to address this question. Mine ain't so hot either. The amount of improvement of 5 second power is a debatable topic depending on muscle fiber makeup.
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