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Originally Posted by Smallguy View Post
I'm' wondering how i can improve my ability to recover from pushing it on a ride

as an example last night I was on a group ride and one of the guys took off at a fairly good clip so I decided to chase him down just to see what I was made of (since he is faster than me) I caught him on a short steep climb when he lost traction and waited at the top of the hill at our traditional stopping spot to have everyone re-group.

well after chasing him down and passing him I was breathing pretty heavy. I felt like if we would have continued he would have caught me and then dropped because after climbs my body just wants a break to recover and then I'm good to go again.

but I want to improve my ability to keep my pace after a climb.... climbs seem to zap me and I find recovering so I can drop the hammer to be tough

So besides the factor of time in the saddle is there anything I can do training wise to speed up my ability to recover after a climb so I can move out again rather than suck wind for 5 mins then try to play catch up
You need two things.

First of all, you need good aerobic base. You get this by riding distances at a reasonable rate.

Second, you need to do intervals, but the benefit you get from them depends a lot on how well rested you are.

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