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For freestyle & racing there is no best.

It is as simple as that.

Every rider is different and wants different things from their bike. So, the best bikes are always custom built from the ground up.

Even within that, there is no best frame maker or components maker. So, you end up with a wild mix of various parts going together to make some of the best bikes on the market.

Then of course, there are the different versions of 'bmx'. Are we talking racing, street, dirt, vert, park, or flatland? Every one of those disciplines uses different bikes and has different requirements for those bikes.

Now, if you are just talking about complete bikes that are stock items available from stores that have all stock components and you specifiy a discipline of riding, you may get some results. But, then you still get stand out products within certain price points. For example, there are several good flatland bikes, but the DK Signal at under 300 bucks is one of the best bikes I have ever seen for the cash for a flatland specific bike. Not street or racing - but flatland. Not nearly the 'best' I have ever seen, but for the money, it's incredible.

Anyway - not meant as a rant, but just as an observation of the reality of bikes. There is tons of good stuff out there from a lot of companies and what people like is what makes the best.
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