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Mags are junk - complete and total crap. There are brand new wheels from them, but they are still garbage.

Problems with mags:
1. They flex a lot.
2. They snap (I have a friend who snapped THREE in one day)
3. They get out of true and can NOT be fixed.
4. They do not keep tires on tight.
5. You can't run high pressure in the tires with mags.
6. Your brakes will usually not work on them.
7. They get dirty and look like crap pretty quickly.

I switched from mags to 48s to chrome-plated 48s and that has been where I have stayed for 15 years. There is only one wheel worth owning if you have brakes - the chrome (or duralectric) plated 48 spoked (maybe 36 if you are smooth) rim.
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