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Depends on the situation. You bias the statement by leading with speed information. He could have meant that you weren't hold a line....

....but coming up and grabbing your seat while you are pulling and telling you that you're chopping people would seem to imply that you're shelling guys off the back.

Holding speed doesn't mean much for's more of an effort/speed combination. If you held 20+ and all of a sudden there was a lot of probably shelled guys. Grabbing your saddle is a way of slowing you down...putting emphasis on the statement.

He may have been gassed too...sometimes when you're gassed what you say doesn't really come across clearly. Especially to guys you've never ridden with.

BTW - welcome to group riding...grow some thicker skin and don't run home to ask everyone on the internet if you did something wrong...just ask the guys you're riding with. You'd be amazed at how helpful they will be, and what good friends they will all become.
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