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Originally Posted by sstorkel View Post
You realize that trim is controlled by the shifters, right? And that everyone in the world thinks that trim on SRAM road gruppos sucks?
Actually, I don't think it sucks. I am running full Rival on a bike and honestly, I don't have to trim the FD at all in the big ring. There is no rub in the high or low gears in the big ring for me so it works as advertised.

The cage design could be different just like the new Dura Ace FD, chain and crank are ment to work with each other to result in no front trim.

While trim is controlled by the brifter, there are probably some differences in cable pull between the FD. I've never noticed because I've ran campy brifters with dura ace FD, Sram FD with shimano brifters and it all seems to work ok.
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