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I was running a 53/39 & 12-23 combo which is fine for flat and rollers but I started doing climbs and needed a little more gear so I went to a 12-27 I did consider a 12-25 but figured if the situation came up that I needed the gears I would have it, the difference in the 12-25 and 12-27 was only on the low end (larger) of the gears ratio the range I use on flats and rollers was the same so I went to the larger gears, I just don't use them on flat and roller rides in the end I have the same ratios I use with the extra gears for those climbs which suites me fine for now as I get stronger I will most likely go back to my old gearing or go to a 12-25 just incase but for now I need the 27 sometimes.
It may not be fancy but it gets me were I need to go.
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