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Originally Posted by Tom Bombadil View Post
I'm sure the price will be lower when it comes installed on a high-end bike. Just like right now one can sometimes buy an entire bike for what Shimano shows as a list price for the group set on the bike.

Obviously us recreational Freds will have no problems continuing onward using friction and indexed shifters and regular brakes. I still can't get water or ice from my refridgerator door, no automated ice maker either. I still have ice cube trays in my freezer.
You have a point but do you still turn a knob on your TV or do you have a wireless remote? Is your fridge a frost-free or do you still manually defrost it? Is your oven self-cleaning? I don't know how these units work and understand how they might be too complicated for most of us. It may never be affordable for us either but we know how easy it is for someone to build a bike from composite unobtainium and sell it to us because it is lighter and easier to form. If the system is dependable and affordable I am sure some riders will be willing to buy it simply because it is lighter. If it is out of our range then only a few will be showing up and I may never even see one in action.
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