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Once this technology is more mainstream, I would buy it. Generally, commercial version 1.0 introductions of new products have their challenges and prices are generally much higher. A $3,000 price point is too high to support significant sales.

To add a different take on the technology, I suspect we are seeing a similar phenomena that occurred in aircraft controls. Large commercial aircraft were controlled (air surfaces and engines) by mechanical means with redundancy. Today, most, if not all, new airliners are fly by wire with a quad-redundant system. Controls are digital computer enhanced, weight is reduced and reliability and safety increased.

Many years ago, I flew on a new 777 from Washington, DC to Heathrow. The captain came on and stated how happy they were with the new aircraft both from passenger comfort to flight controls (FBW).

Back to bike shifting and we need this and is Shimano taking a play out of the aircraft manufactures playbook? I do not know. I do know that smart digital controls that are reliable set the stage to do many things a lot better and in general cheaper than their mechanical counterparts. Will this be the case for electronic shifting and braking? Go figure. It may be another Newton or an Ipod.
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