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Originally Posted by Violineb
I know this has been asked before but every thread here really doesn´t seem to have a clear choice between the two. I´ve decided to make the switch to clipless but I didn´t want to be limited to having a special set of shoes for biking and another set for when I´m off the bike, thus I narrowed it down to shoes pedals that work with normal shoes and maybe even shoes that work when not on their pedals.

Does anyone have any experience with these pedals and/or shoe combinations?

It seems that the ATACs with the 661 shoes should be perfect but I thought it would be best to ask peoples´opinions here before I spend $100+

I've followed this topic a lot here and I've concluded two things:

1. There are a lot of riders who have a strong personal preference for Shimano SPD's vs Mallets or Times, or visa versa.

2. Mallets vs Times is a toss up.

I ride the Time Z's with the 661's and see no reason to switch (I moved there from SPD's). I've been curious to try the Mallets but seems everyone I talk to thinks they're basically a toss up with the Times. I have read no strong argument for why the Mallets (or Times) are better. Just preference.

(The 661's are super comfy but not a hard core bike shoe. More like a skate shoe. I like 'em for the trails but I wouldn't race in them.)
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