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Tetnus Shot Owwie :(

OK so I haven't had one since the '80's - and that freaking hurt immediately (prolly bigger needles back then too - ugh) - and since I never had one before - when I got it in my right arm ----- and then went to go drive home in my non-automatic car --- FREAK --- shifting was NOT FUN.

OK, so enter the modern age (don't say a word) and so I go get one, have needed one - especially due to bike mishaps on the road, etc and so I gave in to one as a part of my overhall (hehe) general physical I've been doing ---- and so today was tetnus day.

Tweeny needle - no problem, but now I'm left with swollen bump on mah arm and it has this quiet kinda tired ache to it, aches more when in use ... and it's getting more achey too.

Want to offroad tomorrow morning.

will it go away so's I can enjoy mahself?

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