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Originally Posted by Flaneur
I think you are giving Tyler a free pass because he is from your country, your culture and he seems like a nice person. A triumph of hope over reason....He must pay the price....and so must Tyler, despite his sometime heroics and formerly spotless reputation.
...If he cannot prove his innocence.

If a rider claims innocence and wishes to fight the charges against him, is it not fair to give him a chance to prove his innocence? We have seen this year alone instances where riders have been accused with forged documents, falsefied hair samples, and even poor pharmecology in the case of Brandt.

Virenque eventually admitted his guilt, as have Millar and many others. But not all the accused are guilty. If someone chooses to fight for his innocence, I will reserve judgement until the final argument is refuted, whether it is Tyler, Virenque, or Pantani, irregardless of nationality.