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Tyler's team had millions of dollars at stake. To save Tyler and themselves, they only needed one doctor or one scientist in the world to show that the methods used in the test were improper, or that Tyler's test did not use the proper method. So far, not a single doctor or scientist has been found who can provide evidence on Tyler's behalf.

The test that caught Tyler will be used in every major race next year, including the Tour de France. Every team and every rider has something at stake if this testing procedure is flawed. The new tests will be highly studied, and attacked, if there are ways to attack the tests.

In the meantime, Lance avoided the Olympics, which announced the new tests would be used, and avoided every race between July and October where the new testing technology might be used. Lance has a choice for next season: race clean or retire.

Anyone who raced "dirty" in 2004 and did NOT get caught has a reason to race "clean" in 2005. For the first time in perhaps thirty years, every major rider will be racing clean. There will be no penalty for following the rules in 2005. If Lance choses to race clean in 2005, he will be on an even playing field. Lance proved he could win the Tour de France under the old testing rules. In 2005, he has the chance to prove he can win under the new testing rules.
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