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Originally Posted by MrCrassic View Post
Can you handhold that? The IS helped me out immensely.

I'm slowly upgrading my arsenal, but VERY slowly. Each lens will be more expensive than the last

Plus, if I decide to go telephoto, I want to get something with a STUPID zoom range. I'll probably start with a cheaper 100-400mm (is it worth it?) or just drop the dollar and get anything that goes up to 600mm.

I want to shoot grasshoppers.
They say 1/focal length to be safe, i can get sharp shots at 200mm at probably as low as 1/125. Just takes practice, like anything else.

I typically use it for sports so i prefer to be around 1/400 at least in which case the IS does nothing. I rarely use something that long indoors so it's not usually an issue.
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