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Baseball Memories

For us yanks, with the postseason in progress, how about a thread to share memories of the national pass time.

I will share a few in different posts.

First, will be a pretty long one since it actually encompasses several memories. I have had the privilege of seeing Seattle versus Oakland in regular season games in four different ballparks.

The first was in 1969, the Seattle Pilots versus the Oakland Athletics, and since baseball was a new sport to me, I don't remember much, but I do remember a towering homerun by the Athletics, and my best guess now is that it was probably Reggie Jackson who hit 47 that year. Since only 678,000 fans attended that year, and I was three of them, there can not be too many that achieved the feat that I have.

I have also seen the Seattle Mariners play the Oakland Athletics at the Oakland Coliseum (I was an A's fan for my years living in the bay area, and saw many games) and I also saw them play in the Kingdome and also at Safeco field while visiting family on a couple of occasions.

So, I have seen Seattle play Oakland in 4 different major league parks during the regular season.

I also saw a team that only played one year in a city before moving...

For those that may wonder how come I may remember the Pilots playing the Athletics... Just remember what the A's road uniforms were like back then, they stick in your mind:

By the way, I walked to the ballpark, since I lived about a mile away.
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