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Yes and no. It is a PITA to sharpen if I let it go too long or have tall/thick grass to mow. But that is more my fault than the mowers. If I hit it with a few swipes every other mowing it only takes about 5 minutes to sharpen all the blades. Which IMO is no longer then pulling out the electric cord (for electric mowers) or filling the gas tank (for gas mowers).

One word of caution about these mowers is that you have to make sure you regularly mow the lawn otherwise it becomes a nightmare to cut once the lawn gets too high or thick.

You might want to purchase lawn scissors too. There are a lot of places along the edge of things that you can't get close enough with. I also don't own a weed wacker to do edging so I have lawn scissors to do that job. I also use the Lansky to sharpen them.

If you don't have a big lawn and live in the city, like me, I wouldn't even consider any other type of lawn mower. Gas mowers are too noisy, smelly and big. Electric mowers are a PITA because you have a cord that is always in the way, too big and still use energy.
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