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Oy! He's moving pipes! That's gonna be closer to $10k; I'd say $8k-$9k. I used a conversion factor for the west coast vs. Indiana. Here on the west coast, it would be $10k easy. Tile takes time to lay out and several visits to finish. And, it costs more if you have tiles with different thicknesses.

Think again about the toliet; it makes it a regulation 1/2 bath, maybe 3/4 bath. Unless you have a second toliet already, it will be more convenient to have, as well as the added value. I am the first in WA state to get this toliet:

I pick it up tomorrow! It's rated at 1.28/0.8 gal/flush, which is even more efficient than their regular 1.6/0.8 toliets are, and much more efficient than what the law requires. I have one of Caroma's "regular" dual-flush toliets already. They work, have never had a problem in 2 years. Never had to double-flush.
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