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Originally Posted by efrobert View Post
I do bath remodeling for a living. I work for a big home improvement company. I also do my own jobs on the side.
If my company were to give you a quote you would be looking at $15,000 - $18,000.
If I were to do it as a side job you would be in the $6000 - $7000 range
Anyone below $5000 is clueless and probably very inexperienced.
So do you want to come to IN for a side job? Our quote was around $15,000, contractor is excellent but high for the area. He did our kitchen in '99. The room is small, but there is a lot of work, but I was hoping closer to $10,000. I could do some of it, but I've never laid tile and the shower worries me as it's directly over our kitchen. Anyway, I'm still working on the downstair half-bath, I started last year (to many nice days to ride vs remodel).

I guess it comes down to piece of mind. I wish we could find someone in the $10k range or less, but knowing it's done correctly, quickly, and without any contractor "extras", is worth something. $5k for piece of mind is a bit high. Seems like our kitchen was close to $80k, but it was a big job with a lot of general contractor work, medium range cabinets, and higher end appliances.

Problem is we live in a smaller town and tend to over improve our home. I guess it doesn't really matter as much since we plan to stay here for some time.
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