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Ride your bike and ride it for reasons other than 'training' or 'to get fit'. Just get out there and enjoy the thing. You do not have to ride with a bunch. You do not have to keep track of every mile or heartbeat. You do not have to ride to a 'schedule' or 'plan'. Though I should point out that there's nothing wrong with any of that ... if you're that way inclinced (like this lycra fetish a lot of people have). Ride your bike to the library. Ride your bike to a town 50miles away for a pie. Check out that new ship in the harbour ... by bike.

Turn your bike into a piece of gym equiptment and most people give up after a few years because they've reached their goals and are bored. Ride your bike because it's part of your life and you'll keep doing it ... though you may not be as strong as the 'gym equiptment' type rider. Remember, you only need half an hour a day to extend your life and be healthy into the bargain but you need to keep doing it, year after year.

Of course, if you need the core fitness to be able to ride your new bike, welcome to the con job that is the modern cycle industry. Ignore the magazines - you don't change your body to fit your bike, you change your bike to fit your body. Raise the bars. Shift the seat back. At 55, you're not going to be Lance Armstrong (though the industry will tell you you should be). As you can gain fitness and strength, you reset your bike to suit and maybe you will one day be scaring the kids on their racers, but the bike is YOUR servant, not the other way around.

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