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Originally Posted by I-Like-To-Bike View Post
Foam water pipe insulation for hand grips - $1/10 feet; works great.
I like your bikes. That foam can be found around here also, and some of it is nice, I`d like to use it since when I buy hand grips I buy foam. Problem with the pipe insulation I find here is that it is open along one side all the way down. I gues gluing them down is a bit too permanent. What do you do?

About the innertube thing I`we been thinking about it, but did not try. What I do use innertubes for is I cut a slice of them for each side of the handlebar, like a 2cm broad rubber band for each side. I use it to hold down the bar tape close to the end, where it ends and bar tape goes innside with the plug. You need a tube for approx 32mm wide tyres. The 23 ones is a bit narrow.
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