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When I drop vert, I usually start at one end the deck then pedal once and get rolling, from there try and roll about an inch away from the coping and when you pick up, dont monster pick up just kinda pick up a little bit to get the wheel over the coping and then drop in as you would a normal mini ramp, except when you push in, try to push in more then you would a mini cause you want your front wheel to catch high on the transition so you dont drop 4 or 5 ft to the tranny.. for Over vert pretty much the same thing except drop in and try and catch a little bit under the over don't have to grab right at the top you could be like a ft or 2 ft down when your front wheel catches and then te back wheel will follow and wind up hitting just about the same area as you roll down. Also lots of confidence will help..try not to make the ramp seem bigger then what it is.. When I first got into BMX and saw the vert, I hated it 'cause it was monsterous lol !! I sure enjoyed watching people ride it but then later on like up until last year I started riding it and learning on it and after riding a few big quarter pipes it's just like riding any old ramp as long as you keep your "This is not so bad" mentality going. Sometime's after riding it now, I step away and I look at it and I see Mat Hoffman doing a no handed 900 brakeless and then reality of how crazy the vert ramp really is hit's me.... well I hope this helps, wish you goodluck and wear your gear, but yeah.. don't get freaked out, try and drop it like a normal ramp just push the front wheel in more on entry..look for about a ft down or 2 ft down and plant your wheel
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