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Due to the higher compression if gas is used it must be of the highest octane available or lesser with an additive booster. The idea is towards self sufficiency with this though and our efforts will be grass root (i just can't stop with the innuendo's tonight) to start of course but perhaps as time goes on the idea will spread? A small legal operation to manufacture ethanol at a rate of 4-5 gallons an hour is not that much of an investment actually. The ethanol will not be made using corn either to quell that argument in the bud. There are many forms of biomass that can be used that are far superior to corn that don't take anything away from food producing agricultural land. One of my favorites is spent wort from beer production! And of course grass clippings as alluded to earlier. In fact according to Blume corn is perhaps one of the worst options available.

And thanks for moving this to the correct spot. After reading that poll thread I for sure was worried about panties bunching but it seems like the higher powers here at least have level heads.
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