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SCRAP THE BIKE! I am not kidding that weld stuff is garbage. I know a guy who literally ripped his nuts off after crashing because of trying to use that crap to repair a bike frame.
I have broken a frame before. I had the bottom bracket break free from the downtube and seatpost. The frame bent allowing the bottom bracket and pedals to go under the back tire and dropping the center of the bike so that the remains of the seat tube was resting on the ground. Needless to say, I got a few odd looks as I took my bike home to pull parts off before trashing the frame.

Originally posted by RainmanP
Wait, is the bike frame cracked or just the blinkie mount? If just the blinkie mount you can just clip the blinkie to the back of your backpack, helmet, whatever, if it has a clip. You can get a whole new blinkie, including mount for $8-10 from Nashbar or Performance.
It is just the blinkie mount. In looking at Nashbar, all I found were blinkies with seatpost mounts which will not work with my rack. I did not get a chance to work on it Monday. I may be able to get to it tonight.
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