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Originally Posted by Tazz
Can any one give me some advice on how to air 4ft and land at the TOP of the ramp
okay. i'll make it real easy.

1. get a life
2. locate bike
3. mount bike
4. put hands on bars
5. put feet on pedals
5.1. silly bugger you should have read 6 or you wouldn't have bailed sideways!
6. start pedalling (optional, you could tap your heels together 3 times and recite "there's no place like air, there's no place like air")
7. locate ramp
8. aim for ramp
9. pedal like six sorts of hell are chasing you
10. hit ramp with front tire, THEN back tire
11. get air
12. lean forward
13. moveth noteth thou feeteth
14 land


just ride at it quick.

this is NOT meant to be insulting. it's cunningly disguised that way.

that's right, just like bush.

again, no insult meant
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