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Why... because I am tried of having to deal with bandages ripping skin out, cuts hurting more than they have to, pulling hair out with various moving components, etc. I ride patrol in areas that are constantly wet and I mange to fall at least once every 2 - 3 weeks, comes with the job (and my need for speed). Usually it is not too serious but lsat time it hurt like h*$l when I took a bandage off... road rash sucks. No I do not not see myself as a baby wanting to not deal with the issues associated with bandages either...

My advice is:

Darkside?! What... well I would not see it as the dark side... of course we are all have our opinions...

Of course I am tired of getting looked at funny when I race over this anyway... and now since I have little hair there it looks funny in bike shorts anyway... I used to get teased in high school over this when I cycled and I never shaved... hmmm...

Please do not make this an arguement on shaving... please
Just your average club rider... :)
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