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So, Foo - College: Stay or pay? tl;dr

I've been in college since Fall 2004 til now, possibly into the future. But, Foo, I have yet to get a degree. I have yet to get my butt in gear. I took a semi-break from college the year before last (worked for Winter and Spring quarters in 2007) because of this. I'm back at it now and doing perfectly fine in my classes.

What I'm worried about right now is what will happen if I don't have that desire to complete the courses, if they're not my kind of courses. I also will have to deal with the Financial Aid department. They say I am taking too long - fair enough, I am. So I will have to apply, every quarter, to get an exemption from the time limit for financial aid.

What makes this a dilemma is that a friend back home has the info on a great job. I make a very respectable hourly wage during the summers, better than overtime at min wage. She's making half-again as much as that. Training is paid for by the employer. Good benefits. Vacation time. (gods...I'm 22. I've never HAD a job with vacation time.) Opportunities for work abroad.

What makes this difficult, Foo, is that I just found a group of people that utterly kick ***. They're my school's biking team. They are, to say the least, supportive. I'm far from an athlete, but they welcome me and are encouraging me and, I feel, helping me a lot. I love riding and, moreover, I love riding with them. I came in only intending to ride road last year, but didn't. They did succeed in convincing me to do a cyclocross race and now I'm riding in the local series. One of them is trying to convince me to ride track up in Burnaby. I'm doing road racing in the spring, come hell or high water. And there are nothing but words of encouragement.

What it comes down to is this: I can stay, get a degree and ride with the best people ever OR I can get my loans paid off, figure out what I want to do, travel a bit more freely, and relax for a while. Which would you do and why?
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