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Originally Posted by BengeBoy View Post
Yes, I saw that. Made me wonder (a) what price the seller will eventually get and (b) whether the bike will stay intact or whether it will be purchased based on the value of the components (which appear to be in great shape).

In any case, I am happy it is not my size...

Yes, I think I'd be heartbroken if that bike got scrapped and salvaged for its partset. My friend Travis has a CIOCC bike from the 70's with a full set of Campy SR parts in new condition, and he doesn't maintain it at all, it has no kickstand, and he usually just leaves it sitting on his porch. He got it for free and doesn't realize its value. I usually end up taking it from him and cleaning it twice a month, or else it'd be rusted up by now.

But its a nice bike, if I had the money and it was my size, I'd buy it.

That said, does anyone know where old Campy partsets can be found?
I'd like to requip my Univega with 'em.
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