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I've always wanted to build an underground home.
I've been in several that are just stunning. Open, filled with sunlight, and with an effectively zero heating/cooling cost.

One of the neatest had an arbor attached to the house at the roofline. Since the roof was sod, they planted grapes to grow onto the arbor. During the summer months the vines leafed out, providing shade. During the winter months the vines shed their leaves allowing sunlight to flood into the house.

I currently live fairly green. I live in a 2,500 sqf house that is well shaded in a pecan/walnut orchard. It's well shaded and has a metal roof, no real need for an AC even though I live in the South. During the winter I heat with wood, turning my furnace on only sparingly. My heating/cooling bills are rarely over $50.

We also grow a majority of our own food, and buy what we can from local farmers.

Living green usually = living as your grandparents did.

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